A/C Compressor 4405 for Caterpillar CAT Wheel Loader 910 910E 910F 910G 910K

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Part #1101153,54405,300-4423,20-04405,4405,03-3505,124534,PTAC54405,330-26

A/C Compressor 4405 for Caterpillar CAT Wheel Loader 910 910E 910F 910G 910K.
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SD7H15 A/C Compressor 4405 for Caterpillar CAT Wheel Loader 910 910E 910F 910G 910K

A/C Compressor, Air Conditioner Compressor, Air Conditioning Compressor

Replace Part Number:

Compressor Family: SD7H15
Style: Heavy Duty
Compressor Mount Type: Direct
Rotation Direction: CW
Cylinder Head: JDA
Port Angle: Vertical
Head Port Style: 3/4 X 7/8 Male Threaded Fittings
Clutch Diameter: 119 mm ~ 4 and 11/16 inches
Belt Type: Serpentine
Number of Grooves: 10
Voltage: 12

Fit for following models:
Caterpillar CAT Wheel Loader:904B,908H,908H2,910,910E,910F,910G,910K,914,914G,914G2,914K,916,918F,924,924F,924G,924GZ,924H,924HZ,
924K,950,950B,950E,950F,950GII,950G,950H,950K,966,966C,966D,966E,966F,966G,966H,966K,906 , 906H , 907H , 907H2 , 908,966M,970F,972,972G,972H,972K,972M,980,980C,980F,980G,980H,980K,986H,998K,988B,988G,988H,990,990H,992C,992K,993K
,994,994D,994H,960F,962,962GII,962G,962H,962K,920,926,926E,928,928G,928H,928HZ,930,930G,930H,936,936E,936F, 938,938F,938G,938H,938K
Caterpillar CAT Backhoe Loader:414E,415F2,416,416B,416C,416D,416E,416F,416F2,420,420D,420E,420F2,422E,422F2,426,426B,427F2,428,428B,428D,
Caterpillar CAT Combine:420,430,432,434,440,442,450,452,460,465,470,480,482,485,510,520,530,575,580,550,560,570
Caterpillar CAT Motor Scraper:613C II,613G,615,615C II,621B,621G,621H,623E,623G,623H,627E,627F,627G,627H,631D,631E,631G,633E,637E,637G,651E,657E,657G
Caterpillar CAT Compactor:826C,836,836G,836H,CB44B,CB534D,CB54B,CB564D,CD54,CP433E,CP56,CP563E,CS433E,CS54,CS563D,CS563E,CS56B,CW34,CS56
Caterpillar CAT Excavator:385C FS,385CL,390D,390DL,65,5230,5230B,75,85,95 ,
Caterpillar CAT Articulated Truck:725,7250,725C,730,730C,735,735B,740,740B,AD30,AD45B,AD55,AD55B,AD60
Caterpillar CAT Wheel Dozer:814Ba,815B,815F II,815F,816B,824C,824G,825C,825G,826C,826G,834B,844H,854K
Caterpillar CAT Quarry  Truck:770G,771,771C,771D,772,772B,772G,773D,773E,773G,775,777C,784C,785,785B,789B,793B,793C,795F,797,
Caterpillar CAT Pipelayer:583,583R,583T,587T
Caterpillar CAT Wheel Forestry Swing Machine:870,533,543,770
Caterpillar CAT Tractor: 85,886,45,55,65,75,85,95
Caterpillar CAT Track Loader:939,940,943,951,951B,953,953B,953C,955,955C,955L,963,963B,963C,963D,973,973C,996C,906H2,436F
Caterpillar CAT Grapple Skidder:525B,525C
Caterpillar CAT Forwarder:574B
Caterpillar CAT Motor Grader:D10

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Part NO.1101153,54405,300-4423,20-04405,4405,03-3505,124534,PTAC54405,330-26
Application904B 908H 908H2 910 910E 910F 910G 910K 914 914G 914G2 914K 916 918F 924 924F 924G 924GZ 924H 924HZ 924K 950 950B 950E 950F 950GII 950G 950H 950K 966 966C 966D 966E 966F 966G 966H 966K 906 906H 907H 907H2 908 966M 970F 972 972G 972H 972K 972M 980
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