Terms of Use

Regulations Governing Conduct
We, you, and similar phrases are used throughout these standard terms and conditions, referring to mymromarts.com and you, our customers or potential customers. Unless both parties agree otherwise in a written document signed by both parties, these rules apply to any products or services we provide to you. Our collection and use of personal information in connection with your access to and use of the mymromarts.com, whether or not you are a registered user, is described in our Privacy Policy.

1. Our quotations are not binding; rather, they are intended to entice you to place an order with us. We give quotations based on the information you supply. If you provide inaccurate information, you risk acquiring items that meet our criteria but do not meet your requirements.
2. These terms and conditions apply if you make a purchase offer in response to one of our quotations.

Regarding Orders
3. For any orders placed via our website, even if we do not notify you of our acceptance, your order becomes binding the minute we accept.
4. These terms and conditions apply and take precedence over any other terms or conditions stated or inferred in any order form or similar document.
5.Orders that are neither refundable nor cancellable
We may not accept any returns or cancel orders without our prior written consent, which we may provide or refuse to provide at our discretion (including the imposition of conditions)
6.No cancellation requests will be accepted unless the items are returned to us with the original invoice number. If we initially agree to accept any returned goods, you acknowledge that this is to check that the goods are in good working order and condition and to ensure that it is commercially viable for us to re-sell the goods, which does not necessarily mean that we will agree to the requested cancellation.
7.No returns or exchanges will be made on special order goods unless caused by our error.
8.We will not accept cancellation of any order, or return of any used parts.
9.If the returned items are complete and, in our judgment, economically and safely refurbished, we will reimburse any core deposits (if applicable) paid to us.
10.We maintain ownership of the things you've bought and all related costs until we receive full payment for those items.
11. Until you become the owner of goods-
a) You hold them as agent and bailed for us and you owe a fiduciary duty to us in respect of them;
b) You must if required by us store them on your premises separately from your own goods or goods of any other person and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as our goods;
c) We may terminate your right to resell them forthwith on written notice of termination being delivered to your place of business;
d) We may regain possession if you fail to pay any portion of such amounts or related expenses; Or you become or resolve to become subject to any form of receivership.
12. We reserve the right to access any location where our items are stored and to recover the goods. This permission is irrevocable and you agree that access by our employees or agents as a result is not trespassing.
13. Without separate storage for goods, and in the absence of proof to the contrary, any stock you hold that matches the description of stock on an unpaid invoice is presumed to be stock in which we maintain ownership. Under these guidelines, we have the authority to take action against this inventory.
14. You owe us any money that may be deemed void under any bankruptcy, liquidation, or creditors' rights protection statute. This is true regardless of the existence of a claim.
15.From the date of dispatch of the goods from our premises, you accept the risk of damage to or loss of the goods supplied to you by us.

Sales Are Subject to Specification
16.You must ensure that the goods we supply are fit for such purpose before they are used for. Except to the extent expressly specified by us in writing, we sell our goods according to specifications and it is up to you to determine the purpose for which the goods are to be used or re-supplied. Insofar as we specify in writing the purposes for which our products are suitable, we sell our products only for the purposes specified. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to persons seeking goods that are unsuitable.
17.We retain the right, in our sole discretion, to alter the specifications or performance requirements for any product at any time. Furthermore, we maintain the right to purchase items from a range of sellers. If we have reasonable reasons to believe that the alternative product is substantially equivalent to or an improvement over the previously given product, we may do so without alerting you.

18.A product's guarantee is only effective if it is supplied by the manufacturer or importer of the product, or if it is not accompanied by its own warranty conditions, which are included in these terms.
19. Unless the manufacturer's warranty covers the same or a longer length of time, in which case the manufacturer's warranty will take precedence over this warranty.
20. All of our items are sold "as is," with just the manufacturer's warranty included.
21. Damage caused by the use of non-original manufacturer's parts and consumables, as well as installation, repair, and maintenance done by non-authorized representatives of the manufacturer or other certified specialists, may be excluded from the manufacturer's warranty.
22. Our warranty excludes damage resulting from regular wear and tear.
23. We make no promise that used or reconditioned parts or products are free of material or workmanship defects, except to the extent required by local law, in which case we give the minimal minimum warranty authorized.
24. Please return the items freight prepaid to our facilities for examination and, if approved, warranty processing prior to making a claim for warranty reimbursement.
25. By mentioning the modified conditions in the invoice, we reserve the right to modify our warranties on the products or services stated in the invoice.
26. For your benefit, these promises are non-transferable.

Exclusion of Implications
27.The law contains various conditions and warranties that may apply to our provision of goods or services to you. We exclude all such conditions and warranties to the fullest extent permitted by law.
28.Trade Practices Act restrictions. The provisions of the Trade Practices Act and other statutes cannot be excluded, limited or modified in certain circumstances; or can only be limited or modified to a limited extent. If these provisions apply, then our liability is limited to the extent permitted by these provisions. The following paragraphs detail the limitations on our responsibility for the products and services we provide.
It is possible to replace the product or acquire a substitute, repair of the goods, pay for repairs, or cover the cost of product replacement or acquisition.
Our obligation for the services we provide is restricted to either (a) re-delivering the services at our expense or (b) paying for them.
29.Except as expressly indicated, we are not accountable for any damages incurred as a result of a breach of contract, carelessness, or any other cause. In some circumstances, a third party's claim for money they believe they have been defrauded illegally is called "damage."
30.We are not liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control that make regular performance impracticable. For instance, caused by Covid-19, shipping time may exceed the scheduled time.
31.Delivery times are only estimates as a rule and we cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery.
32.You owe us money if we give you with a statement of account in the normal course of business. You are obligated by any certificate signed by our director or lawyers that includes any number or computation pertaining to the amount you owe us, unless the certificate contains an evident mistake.

Changes to These Conditions
33.To amend these criteria, only one of our authorized officials has the power, and that official must sign a document detailing the adjustment and the transaction to which it applies.
34.If these elements are met, this provision is governed by federal law within the United States.