Engine Thermostat 145206062 for Perkins 403D-11 404D-15 403C-11 404C-15 102-04 103-06 103-07 102-05

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Part #145206062

Engine Thermostat 145206062 for Perkins 403D-11 404D-15 403C-11 404C-15 102-04 103-06 103-07 102-05 for sale on our website.
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Thermostat 145206062 for Perkins 403D-11 404D-15 403C-11 404C-15 102-04 103-06 103-07 102-05

Part Number:
145216160 has been replaced by 145206062 and 145216161 and 198217410 since 05/02/1994.
145216161 replaces 145216261 since 23/04/1999.
198217410 replaces 198217090 since 21/12/1994.
145206062 replaces 145206061 since 10/03/1992.

Engine Type : EJ
EJ71145N EJ82489U
Engine Type : GJCommercial name : 403D-11
GJ65471R GJ65471U GJ65598N GJ65598R GJ65598U GJ65601U GJ65603U GJ65604U GJ65605N GJ65605R GJ65605U GJ65606R GJ65606U GJ65612U GJ65618U GJ65625R GJ65625U GJ65626N GJ65628R GJ65628U GJ65634U GJ65648N GJ65657U GJ65662N GJ65662R GJ65662U GJ65677U GJ65678N GJ65678R GJ65678U GJ65679N GJ65679R GJ65679U GJ65680N GJ65680U GJ65691U GJ65692U GJ65693U GJ65694U GJ65701R GJ65701U GJ65709U GJ65710N GJ65727U GJ65728U GJ65736R GJ65736U GJ65742N GJ65753U GJ65757R GJ65757U GJ65761N GJ65761U GJ65762U GJ65763N GJ65763U GJ65768U GJ65769U GJ65775U GJ65779R GJ65779U GJ65791U GJ65820U GJ65821U GJ65827U GJ65837U GJ65844U GJ65845N GJ65851U GJ65929UPB GJ65930UPB GJ65931UPB GJ65932UPB GJ65933UPB GJ65934UPB GJ65935UPB GJ65962UPB GJ65963UPB GJ65964UPB GJ65965U GJ65966UPB GJ65967UPB GJ65988U GJ66013U GJ66024N GJ66025R GJ66025U GJ66026R GJ66026U GJ66032R GJ66032U GJ66033R GJ66033U GJ66034R GJ66034U GJ66035R GJ66035U GJ66042R GJ66043U GJ66060UPB GJ66063U GJ66074U GJ66083U GJ66084N GJ66106U GJ66109R GJ66116R GJ66138U GJ66181R GJ66188R GJ66189R GJ66196R GJ66198R GJ71018N GJ71026N GJ71037N GJ71037R GJ71064U GJ71067U GJ71151U GJ71175N GJ71196N GJ71197U GJ82476U
Engine Type : GMCommercial name : 404D-15
GM65619J GM65620J GM65621J GM65705J GM65716J GM65744J GM65816J GM65831J GM65870J GM66003JPB GM66004JPB GM66073J GM66078J GM66150J GM71105J
Engine Type : GT
GT51789R GT51789U
Engine Type : HHCommercial name : 403C-11
HH30837UPB HH30838UPB HH30839UPB HH30841UPB HH30842UPB HH30843UPB HH35114U HH35115N HH35115U HH35116U HH35118N HH35118U HH35119U HH35121U HH35123U HH35124U HH35160U HH35165N HH35165U HH35175U HH35176N HH35176U HH35177U HH35179U HH35180N HH35180U HH51143U HH51209U HH51260U HH51266U HH51269U HH51304U HH51305U HH65016U HH65026U HH65032U HH65052U HH65059U HH65066U HH70542N HH70542U HH70555N HH70555U HH70575N HH70575U HH70581N HH70581U HH81384J HH81384U HH81402U HH81432U HH81446U HH81453U HH81455U HH81464U HH81491U HH81495U HH81497U HH81502U HH81509U HH81530J HH81530U HH81533U HH81534U HH81538U HH81540U HH81546U HH81558U HH81570U HH81589U HH81606U HH81626U
Engine Type : HNCommercial name : 404C-15
HN30865J HN81541J HN81579J HN81592J HN81596J
Engine Type : KACommercial name : 102-04
KA30213 KA30214 KA30215 KA30283 KA30284 KA30285 KA30286 KA30289 KA30290 KA50348 KA50379 KA70249 KA80580 KA80610 KA80633 KA80661
Engine Type : KBCommercial name : 103-06
KB30216 KB30217 KB30218 KB30219 KB30220 KB30221 KB30222 KB30223 KB30224 KB30270 KB30271 KB30292 KB30293 KB50350 KB50381 KB70238 KB80606 KB80649
Engine Type : KLCommercial name : 103-07
KL30317 KL30317J KL30317U KL30318 KL30318J KL30318U KL30319 KL30319J KL30319U KL30320 KL30320J KL30320U KL30321 KL30322 KL30323 KL30323J KL30323U KL30324 KL30324J KL30324U KL30325 KL30325J KL30325U KL30326 KL30326J KL30326U KL50380 KL50380J KL50380U KL50434 KL70264 KL70275 KL70319 KL70372 KL70372J KL70372U KL70373 KL70373J KL70373U KL81272J KL81401J
Engine Type : KLC
KLC2800U KLC3600U-331975J
Engine Type : KNCommercial name : 102-05
KN30305 KN30306 KN30307 KN30308 KN30309 KN30327 KN30328 KN70333 KNC2800U
Engine Type : KS

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Part NO.145206062
Engine403D-11 404D-15 403C-11 404C-15 102-04 103-06 103-07 102-05
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