Aftermarket Crankshaft for Komatsu

Aftermarket crankshafts for Komatsu are high-performance crankshafts for Komatsu brand engines. Aftermarket crankshaft excellence is designed to take into account several key factors in order to achieve outstanding engine performance over long periods of operation.
Aftermarket crankshafts for Komatsu excel first in fatigue strength. Aftermarket crankshafts have been designed through in-depth optimization to reduce stress concentration and strengthen weak links. Aftermarket crankshafts for Komatsu ensure reliable crankshaft operation in a variety of operating conditions. In terms of bending and torsional stiffness, aftermarket crankshafts are precision-engineered to minimize deformation and maintain normal operating conditions for the piston, connecting rod group, and bearings. To improve wear resistance and life, the journal surfaces used in Komatsu’s aftermarket crankshafts are made of highly wear-resistant materials and specially treated. This helps reduce friction losses, improves the efficiency of the crankshaft, and ensures that the crankshaft is less prone to wear over long periods of use. The crank arrangement of aftermarket crankshafts is engineered to effectively reduce the maximum load on the main bearings.
Overall, aftermarket crankshafts for Komatsu balance the need for strength and durability. The design takes into account the various working conditions of the engine. For this quality crankshaft, MyMROmarts is Komatsu aftermarket parts supplier, we are known for our professional service and high-quality aftermarket parts.

Crankshaft for Different Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
PC200-5 S6D95L
PC200-3 S6D105
PC300-6 SAA6D108E
PC45MR-1 4D84
PC120-3 S4D102E
PC110R-1 SD106E1 FB
PC60-5 4D95L

Crankshaft for Different Komatsu Mini Excavators

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
PC40 3D94
PC27MR-2 3D82AE
PC20-7 3D84
PC75R-2 4D98E-1FB
PC45MRX-1-E 4D84E
PC20-5 3D84-1F
PC30 3D84E
PC50MR-2 3D88E-5

Crankshaft for Different Komatsu Wheel Loaders

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
WA200-6 SAA4D107
WA470-3 S6D125
WA430-6 SAA6D114E-3
WA500-1L S6D140
WB70A-1 4D98E-1FA
WB140 S4D106-1FH
WA50-6 4D88E-6B
WB140-2N S4D106-2XFH
WA90-3 4TNV98T
WA30-5 3D84E-3B

Crankshaft for Different Komatsu Bulldozers

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
D50A-16 4D130-1C
D21A-8-W 4D94LE-2