Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu HD785 Rigid Dump Truck

The Komatsu HD785 Rigid Hauler Truck is a powerful and reliable construction machine manufactured in 1998. Equipped with a 12-cylinder engine, it boasts 773.29 kW of horsepower, allowing it to excel in a variety of construction environments. Equipped with large 27.00R49 tires, it ensures excellent handling and stability in rough terrain. With a GVW of 61,800 kg, the vehicle provides strong support for mass transportation. Its rigid chassis design makes it more suitable for harsh site conditions, ensuring reliability and durability under high loads and extreme environments. The vehicle's dimensions of 870 x 520 x 440 cm provide it with excellent maneuverability and adaptability to a wide range of challenging engineering tasks.
Utilizing Euro 1 emission standards, the Komatsu HD785 meets environmental requirements while maintaining excellent performance. With its power, robust chassis and reliable performance, this model is a leader in the heavy-duty transportation field, providing users with superior transportation solutions. As a construction machine with a long history, the Komatsu HD785 demonstrates its superior performance and reliability in challenging construction tasks. Buy vairous replacement Komatsu parts at MyMROmarts now!

Komatsu HD785 Rigid Dump Truck Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model HD785
Number of cylinders 12
GVW 61.800 kg
Dimensions (LxBxH) 870 x 520 x 440 cm
Chassis type rigid
Emission class Euro 1
Horse Power 773,29 kW