Aftermarket Parts for KOMATSU PC200LC-6 Excavator

The Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator is an excellent mid-size excavator with outstanding performance and features. Its specifications are as follows: the weight reaches 21.3 tons, the transport length is 9.425 meters, the transport width is 3.08 meters, and the transport height is 2.905 meters. In addition, the excavator is equipped with a powerful 1.15 cubic meter bucket, which can easily handle various excavation tasks. The chassis system adopts LC type, the track width is 700 mm, the boom adopts MB type, the maximum horizontal reaching height can reach 10.705 meters, the dredging depth is 7.725 meters, and the bucket width is 1.219 meters. The Komatsu PC200LC-6 is equipped with the S6D95L engine manufactured by Komatsu, with a power of 99 kilowatts, a displacement of 4.89 liters, 6 cylinders, a bore x stroke of 95x115 mm, and a maximum torque speed of 2200 rpm.
The Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator has powerful excavation capabilities and accurate operation control. The Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator is equipped with an efficient hydraulic system and power system, which can easily handle various engineering excavation tasks. The Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system and precise controls that allow operators to precisely control the movement and operation of heavy equipment. If you need aftermarket parts for your Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator, we recommend you visit MyMROmarts. We offer a wide range of excavator spare parts including parts for your Komatsu PC200LC-6 excavator. MyMROmarts provides customers with high-quality Komatsu aftermarket parts to ensure your excavator maintains excellent performance, with fast, reliable delivery services.

KOMATSU PC200LC-6 Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC200LC-6
Weight 21.3T
Engine Type S6D95L
Engine Power 99 kW
Displacement 4.89 l
No. of cylinders 6
Cylinder Bore X Stroke 95x115 mm
Transport Length 9.425 m
Transport Width 3.08 m
Transport Height 2.905 m