Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC300LC Excavator

The Komatsu PC300LC excavator is an excellent piece of heavy-duty equipment. Its "PC" stands for excavator and "300" stands for its tonnage. The Komatsu PC300LC excavator adopts a special widened and lengthened crawler track design, which is designed to increase the contact area with the ground, allowing it to perform well even on soft construction ground.
This Komatsu PC300LC excavator has high productivity and excellent fuel economy. The Komatsu PC300LC excavator is equipped with a high-power high-pressure common rail engine. The diesel engine manufactured by Komatsu uses a direct injection system, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption. Komatsu PC300LC excavator makes full use of engine power and provides users with excellent performance with the help of advanced energy-saving hydraulic system.
The Komatsu PC300LC excavator also introduces advanced hydraulic technology to provide greater excavation force. It is equipped with a large-capacity earth bucket of 1.8 cubic meters, which can efficiently complete various excavation tasks. To provide operators with a safer and more comfortable operating experience, the Komatsu PC300LC excavator features a low-noise driving operating environment, a dedicated hydraulic excavator cab, as well as heat shields, and fan guards.
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Komatsu PC300LC Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC300LC
Engine Model SAA6D114E
Overall Machine Size 11.38×3.26×3.29m
Weight 30.8 T
Bucket Capacity 1.8 m³
Maximum Output Power 173kW
Maximum Digging Radius 14630mm
Maximum Digging Depth 11510mm
Maximum Digging Height 10400mm
Maximum Unloading Height 7610mm
Model Series PC