Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC30MR-5 Mini Excavator

Small construction sites can benefit from the compact and adaptable design of the Komatsu PC30MR-5 mini excavator. The Komatsu PC30MR-5 is easy to operate, lightweight, and portable. The advanced hydraulic and engine system of the PC30MR-5 mini excavator is impressive. The PC30MR-5 has powerful power and efficient performance to carry out digging and loading operations with ease. The kinematic arm of the Komatsu PC30MR-5 mini excavator is highly adjustable. Komatsu PC30MR-5 can be flexibly adjusted at multiple angles and heights to meet the excavation depth and range of different construction requirements.

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Komatsu PC30MR-5 Mini Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC30MR-5
Weight 3.29 t
No. of cylinders 3
Engine Power 18.2 kW
Transport Width 1.55 m
Bucket Capacity 0.09 m³
Dredging Depth 2.76 m
Model Series PC
Engine Type 3D88E 7
Displacement 1.642 l