Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC45MR-5 Mini Excavator

The Komatsu PC45MR-5 mini excavator's short tail design makes it easy to drive in confined places, an area where older machines would struggle. The Komatsu PC45MR-5 small excavator is appropriate for use in construction sites, yards, and road projects. In addition to offering the utmost safety, the Komatsu PC45MR-5 small excavator's strong structure instills the user with total confidence across a range of operating situations. Additionally, the Komatsu PC45MR-5 has a CLSS hydraulic circuit installed to provide precise control over the power and speed of every movement. The Komatsu PC45MR-5 excavator's 3.5-inch LCD provides excellent vision and displays machine data and various alarms in an easy-to-read style.

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Komatsu PC45MR-5 Mini Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC45MR-5
Model Komatsu 4D88E-7
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders 4
Net Power 28 kw
Operating Weight 4,870 kg
Bore 88 mm
Stroke 90 mm
Piston displacement 2.19 L
Transport length 5.22 m
Transport width 1.96 m
Transport height 2.59 m
Track width 400 mm