Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC75UU-2 Mini Excavator

This Komatsu PC75UU-2 mini excavator is designed mainly for backhoe operations, smoothing operations, trenching operations, side trenching operations, loading operations, etc. It can help operators complete their work better.
Features of Komatsu PC75UU-2 excavator
1. Komatsu PC75UU-2 excavator is equipped with 4D95L engine.
2. If a bucket comes close to the cab of the Komatsu PC75UU-2 excavator, the anti-interference device will start immediately, stop the work of the excavator equipment, and sound an alarm.
3. The Komatsu PC75UU-2 excavator has an automatic stop device for the working device. The automatic stop device for the working device can automatically control the display of the excavation depth, the setting of the amount that the boom can be raised or lowered, and the positioning of the left offset.
4. Replacement parts for the Komatsu PC75UU-2 excavator are easier to find than other heavy equipment.
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Komatsu PC75UU-2 Mini Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC75UU-2
Serial Number 10037
Engine Model Komatsu 4D95L
Engine Horsepower 55H/P
Weight 7,600KG
Total Length 6,030mm
Machine Width Approximately 2320mm
Machine Height Approximately 2670mm
Transport Length Approximately 6000mm
Track Width Approximately 450mm
Maximum Range Approximately 6360mm