Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu WA250 Wheel Loader

Utilizing Komatsu WA250 Wheel Loader is an excellent way to efficiently move various materials, including dirt, sand, gravel, soil, rocks, and more, from one place to another. The Komatsu WA250 Wheel Loader has an impressive vertical reach with a maximum tipping height of 105°, which allows it to reach high enough over the edge of the truck to easily load the required materials into the dump truck. Also, as an excellent Wheel Loader, the Komatsu WA250 has a maximum height of 45 inches, which can meet the needs of most work scenarios, so that it can better match the project. If you need replacement parts for your Komatsu WA250 Wheel Loader, you can browse our online store, MyMROmarts has a wide selection of komatsu aftermarket parts. MyMROmarts has a wide selection of komatsu aftermarket parts for you to choose from and you will be able to get the best value for money at the same price to make your equipment work better. Select aftermarket Komatsu parts right now at MyMROmarts!

Komatsu WA250 Wheel Loader Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model WA250
Operating Weight 24,170 lbs
Width 94"
Height 61"
Dumping Height 105"
Reach at Max Height 45"
Tipping Load Straight 24,495 lbs
Tipping Load Full Turn 21,740 lbs