Aftermarket Sensor for Komatsu

In the operation of construction machinery, sensors are key electronic components used to monitor and measure a variety of critical parameters to ensure the safety and performance of the equipment. The aftermarket offering of Komatsu construction machinery sensors is designed to replace genuine OEM parts and is intended to provide users with a high-quality alternative to ensure the reliability and stability of their equipment. These aftermarket sensors are available for a wide range of Komatsu construction machinery models, including excavators, loaders, bulldozers and more. They utilize advanced sensing technology to accurately monitor the engine, hydraulics, temperature, and other critical parameters to ensure that equipment operates efficiently in a variety of operating environments.
One of the advantages of choosing aftermarket sensors is versatility. The aftermarket offers a wide range of sizes and types of sensors to suit different models and configurations of Komatsu construction machinery. Whether it's replacing a faulty sensor or upgrading the equipment's monitoring system, users will be able to find the right option for their needs. In the aftermarket, users can expect cost-effective sensors, which are often more affordable than OEM parts. As a result, by selecting aftermarket Komatsu parts for specific equipment and applications, users are able to achieve better value for money during equipment maintenance and upgrades. This allows Komatsu construction machinery to maintain a high level of reliability and performance over extended periods of time.

Sensor for Different Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
PC60-6 4D95L
PC60-5 4D95L
PC60-7 4D102E
PC60-6 4D95
PC200-8 SAA6D107E-1
PC200-5 6D95
PC200-6 SAA6D107E-1
PC300-2 SAA6D114E-2
PC120-6 4D95
PC200-5 6D95L
PC120-5 4D95

Sensor for Different Komatsu Loaders

Komatsu Models Engine Models Product URLs
D275A-5R SAA6D140E-5
WA600-6 SAA6D170E-5
WA500-6 6D140E-5
WA250-6 SAA6D107E-1
WA800 SAA12V140E-3E
CK20-1 S4D98E-2NFE
WA380-5L SAA6D1143-2
WA200-3 S6D95L
WA90-6 SAA4D95LE-5