Engine Water Pump

The engine water pump function is to pressurize the cooling water and accelerate the circulation of the cooling water. The continuous diesel engine water pump working can make the cooling water circulate continuously in the water circuit so that the engine does not generate excessive heat. A malfunctioning water pump can cause the engine to overheat, which can cause serious engine damage. So it is necessary to replace the faulty engine water pump in time.

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What Is an Engine Water Pump?

When the engine is working, fuel combustion is converted into mechanical energy and a large amount of heat is released. The temperature of the piston, cylinder liner, cylinder head and other components in the combustion chamber will be very high, and they need to be continuously cooled to maintain normal operation. The temperature of the engine directly determines its working status. If the temperature is too low, the efficiency of the engine will be very low. However, when the temperature exceeds the limit that the engine itself can withstand, it will cause damage to the engine. The water pump is an important component in the engine cooling system. Its function is to continuously circulate the coolant in the engine cooling system flow channels. At the same time, with the cooperation of the radiator, fan clutch, cooling fan, thermostat and other components, large and small circulations are realized. And the temperature of the coolant is adjusted within a certain range to ensure the normal operation of the engine.


How Does the Engine Water Pump Works?

Engine Water pumps are designed and manufactured based on the centrifugal working principle. The coolant in the water inlet gains energy when the impeller rotates at high speed, and enters the water accumulation chamber and water outlet of the water pump volute. At the same time, a low-pressure area is formed in the center of the impeller, and the coolant is continuously supplied, forming a continuous suction and discharge process.


Several Typical Faults of Engine Water Pump

Here is a brief list of some typical failures of water pumps. This article will specifically explain the causes and solutions of water pump failure:

  • Abnormal noise caused by water sealing
  • Water seal leaks
  • Impeller damaged
  • Bearing lockup and breakage
  • Leakage on the mounting surface
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