High Quality Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC60 Excavator

Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC60 Mini Excavator

The Komatsu PC60 mini excavator offers a range of significant advantages. Firstly, its powerful engine allows it to efficiently perform digging and bulldozing work to meet diverse construction needs. Secondly, this excavator's excellent maneuverability is simple and easy to use, and trained operators can quickly become proficient in its operation. In addition, its sturdy structure and compact design make it suitable for small sites and confined spaces, providing more construction flexibility. What's more, the Komatsu PC60 mini Excavator is also capable of a wide range of excavation tasks with its excellent digging depth and digging height, making it easy to complete projects that require deep excavation. This versatility makes it a highly efficient excavator to use, adapting to a variety of terrains and project needs and providing greater flexibility and convenience in construction. MyMROmarts online store provides high quality aftermarket komatsu parts for sale, buy our parts now!

Komatsu PC60 Mini Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC60
Type Mini Excavator
Digging depth 4.1 M
Digging radius 6.36 M
Dumping height 5.015 M
Overall dimensions 6.08 m × 2.225 m × 2.59 m
Bucket volume 0.37 m³
Fuel tank 130 l
Power 40 KW (54.42 HP)
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Euro Euro 2
Type Manual
Colour Golden