Aftermarket Parts for Komatsu PC50MR-2 Mini Excavator

The Komatsu PC88 mini excavator is a versatile construction machine that demonstrates exceptional performance and flexibility. It has a maximum cutting height of 19.6 feet, a maximum digging depth of up to 12.5 feet, a maximum loading height of 13.9 feet, a maximum ground reach of 20 feet and a vertical digging depth of up to 10 feet. Its compact size is designed with a transport height of 8.7 feet and a transport length of 18.3 feet, making it suitable for a variety of construction scenarios, and especially outstanding in confined spaces.
The PC88 is equipped with a powerful and efficient engine, model 3D88E-5, with a four-cylinder design and a net power of 39.4 horsepower. Featuring a natural air intake system, it has a displacement of 134 cubic inches. Maximum torque is 102.6 lb/ft, ensuring excellent digging and handling capabilities. The excavator is easy to operate, has stable ground clearance, an overall height of 8.6 feet and a tail swing radius of 3.5 feet, ensuring efficient operation in all terrain conditions. The hydraulic system has a capacity of 14.5 gallons and the fuel tank has a capacity of 17.2 gallons to ensure continuity over long periods of operation. Get different aftermarket Komatsu parts at our store now!

Komatsu PC50MR-2 Mini Excavator Specification

Brand Komatsu
Model PC50MR-2
Max Cutting Height 19.6 ft (6 m)
Max Digging Depth 12.5 ft (4 m)
Max Loading Height 13.9 ft (4 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 20 ft (6 m)
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 10 ft (3 m)
Shipping Height of Unit 8.7 ft (2 m)
Shipping Length of Unit 18.3 ft (5 m)
Max Torque 102.6 lbs/ft
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 1.9 gal (4 l)
Fuel Capacity 17.2 gal (64 l)