Global freight Description

Regarding the global shipping fee calculations, please check the table chart below according to your destination and item weights. If there is any issue or confusion, welcome to contact us, and we will repay you as soon as we can.


Please note:

1. All shipping fee will be are the sum of Base Rate plus Flexible Shipping Cost

*Flexible Shipping Cost=Rate/kg*Weights

2. The shipping fee will be calculated depending on different destinations and item weights. You can also check the shipping fee at “Place Order” page.

3. Shipping methods will be express delivery from DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS.


Shipping Countries Total Shipping Fee = Fixed Base Shipping Cost+ Rate Per Kilogram * Weights    
 *All shipping Fee calculated at US dollars
0-20.99kg 21-44.99kg 45-69.99kg 70-99.99kg 100-169.99kg (air shipping)
United States $20.69+$6.13*Weights $19.83+$6.99*Weights $19.66+$7.15*Weights $22.6+$9.34*Weights $5.99*Weights
United Kingdom $16.64+$9.2*Weights $14.82+$11.02*Weights $15.1+$10.74*Weights $28.83+$8.96*Weights $5.99*Weights
France $16.64+$9.2*Weights $14.82+$11.02*Weights $15.1+$10.74*Weights $28.83+$8.96*Weights $5.99*Weights
Germany $16.64+$9.2*Weights $14.82+$11.02*Weights $15.1+$10.74*Weights $28.83+$8.96*Weights $5.99*Weights
Spain $16.64+$9.2*Weights $14.82+$11.02*Weights $15.1+$10.74*Weights $28.83+$8.96*Weights $5.99*Weights
Ireland $17.83+$10.35*Weights $17.02+$11.16*Weights $17.48+$10.7*Weights $28.83+$8.96*Weights $5.99*Weights
Poland $17.6+$9.41*Weights $16.88+$10.13*Weights $16.74+$10.27*Weights $47.18+$14.01*Weights $5.99*Weights
Australia $15.35+$11.85*Weights $31.96+$11.21*Weights $32.36+$10.81*Weights $32.72+$10.45*Weights $5.99*Weights
New Zealand $15.35+$11.85*Weights $31.96+$11.21*Weights $32.36+$10.81*Weights $32.72+$10.45*Weights $5.99*Weights
Please Note: Shipping costs for other countries are subject to the shipping calculator.