12V 0-12 Bar Transmission Solenoid Valve for Hurlimann XL130 XL150 XM110 XM120 XM90 Tractor

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12V 0-12 Bar Transmission Solenoid Valve for Hurlimann XL130 XL150 XM110 XM120 XM90 Tractor

Condition:New Original
Note:This original part does not offer returns.

Serie: XL
XL130, XL150, XL150.7, XL165.7
Serie: XL COM3
XL130 DCR, XL135 DCR, XL140 DCR, XL155 DCR, XL160 DCR, XL175 DCR, XL185 DCR,
Serie: XL Hi-Level
XL130 Hi-Level, XL150 Hi-Level, XL150.7 Hi-Level, XL165.7 Hi-Level, XL180.7 Hi-Level,
Serie: XL Hi-Level COM3
XL135 Hi-Level DCR, XL140 Hi-Level DCR, XL155 Hi-Level DCR, XL160 Hi-Level DCR, XL175 Hi-Level DCR, XL185 Hi-Level DCR
Serie: XM
XM100, XM110, XM120, XM90
Serie: XM COM3
XM100, XM110, XM115 DCR, XM125 DCR
Serie: XM HI-Level
XM100 HI-Level, XM110 HI-Level, XM120 HI-Level, XM90 HI-Level
Serie: XM Hi-Level COM3
XM110 Hi-Level, XM115 Hi-Level DCR, XM125 Hi-Level DCR

More Information
ApplicationXL130 XL150 XL150.7 XL165.7 XL130DCR XL135DCR XL140DCR XL155DCR XL160DCR XL175DCR XL185DCR XL130Hi-Level XL150Hi-Level XL150.7Hi-Level XL165.7Hi-Level XL180.7Hi-Level XL135Hi-LevelDCR XL140Hi-LevelDCR XL155Hi-LevelDCR
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