AC Condenser 208-979-7520 For Komatsu Excavator PC300-8 PC450-8 PC600-8E0 PC800-8E0

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For Komatsu Excavator PC300-8 PC450-8 PC600-8E0 PC800-8E0 AC Condenser 208-979-7520

Replace Part Number:

Fit For Komatsu Excavator:PC450LC-7E0,PC130-7,PC160LC-7,PC200-7,PC210-7,PC340NLC-7K,PC300-8,PC350-8,PC400LC-8,PC450-8,PC550LC-8,PC600-8E0,PC800-8E0,PC850-8E0,PC700LC-8E0,PC360LC-10,PC490-10,etc.

See Details:
Komatsu Excavator:
PC88MR-10 S/N 7001-UP
PC88MR-10 S/N F10003 AND UP
PC130-7 S/N 70001-UP (For Australia)
PC130-7K S/N 70001-UP
PC130F-7 S/N J10001-UP
PC160LC-7 S/N 10001-UP (For North America)
PC160LC-7 S/N 10001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC160LC-7 S/N B20001 AND UP
PC200-7 S/N 200001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC200-7-AA S/N 200001-UP
PC200-7-AP S/N 200001-UP
PC200LC-7 S/N 200001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC200LC-7-BA S/N 200001-UP
PC200LC-7-BP S/N 200001-UP
PC210-7-CA S/N 40001-UP
PC210-7-CG S/N 40001-UP
PC210-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC210LC-7-DA S/N 40001-UP
PC210LC-7-DG S/N 40001-UP
PC210LC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC210NLC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC220-7 S/N 60001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC220-7 Serial NO.DBH0001 and up, PC220LC-7 Serial NO.DBJ0001 and up
PC220-7-AA S/N 60001-UP
PC220LC-7 S/N 60001-UP (15m Super Long Front Spec.)
PC220LC-7 S/N 60001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC220LC-7-BA S/N 60001-UP
PC230-7-AA S/N 11001-UP
PC230-7-CG S/N 11001-UP
PC230LC-7-BA S/N 11001-UP
PC230LC-7-DG S/N 11001-UP
PC230NHD-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC240LC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC240NLC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC270-7 S/N 10001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC270-7-AG S/N 10001-UP
PC290LC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC290NLC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC300-7 S/N 40001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC300-7 S/N 40001-UP (Rops Cab / Forestry Spec. (For KAL))
PC300-7E0 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
PC300-8 S/N 60001-60021
PC300-8 S/N 60001-UP
PC300-8 S/N C50001-UP
PC300-8 S/N K55001-UP
PC300-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
PC300-8M0 S/N DBBL0001-up
PC300-8M0 S/N J40001-UP
PC300-8M0 S/N K56001-UP
PC300-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP
PC300-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP Ярославль
PC300HD-7E0 S/N A86001-UP
PC300HD-7L S/N A85001-UP
PC300HD-8 s/n A87001 and up
PC300LC-7 S/N 40001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC300LC-7E0 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
PC300LC-7E0 S/N A88001-UP
PC300LC-7L S/N A85001-UP
PC300LC-8 S/N 60001-60021
PC300LC-8 S/N 60001-UP
PC300LC-8 S/N A90001-UP
PC300LC-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
PC300LC-8M0 S/N 80065-UP (Super Long Front Spec.)
PC300LC-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP
PC300LC-8M0 S/N Y301001-UP Ярославль
PC300LL-7E0 S/N A86001-UP
PC340LC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC340LC-7K-E0 S/N K45001-UP
PC340NLC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC340NLC-7K-E0 S/N K45001-UP
PC350-7 S/N 20001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC350-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC350-8 S/N 60001-60021
PC350-8 S/N 60001-UP
PC350-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
PC350HD-8 S/N A00001 and up
PC350LC-7 S/N 20001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC350LC-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC350LC-8 S/N 60001-60021
PC350LC-8 S/N 60001-UP
PC350LC-8 S/N A10001-UP
PC350LC-8 S/N B10001-UP
PC350LC-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC350LC-8M0 S/N 80001-UP
PC350LC-8M0 S/N A33901-UP
PC350LC-8M0 S/N K52001-UP
PC350LL-7E0 S/N A50001-UP
PC350NLC-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC360-7 S/N 37715-UP
PC360-8M0 S/N DZAG0001-up
PC360LC-10 S/N 70001-UP
PC360LC-10 S/N A32001-UP
PC360LC-10 S/N K60001-UP
PC360LC-11 S/N 90001-UP
PC360LC-11 S/N 90001-UP (For KAL)
PC360LC-11 S/N K70001-UP
PC360LC-11 SN A35001-UP
PC360LC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC360LCi-11 A38001-UP BEPB109002
PC360LCI-11 S/N 90156-UP
PC360LCI-11 S/N 90156-UP (For KAL)
PC360NLC-10 S/N 70001-UP
PC360NLC-10 S/N K60001-UP
PC360NLC-11 S/N 90001-UP
PC360NLC-11 S/N K70001-UP
PC360NLC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC390HRD-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC390LC-10 S/N A30001-UP & K64001-UP
PC390LC-11 HRD S/N K70001-UP
PC390LC-11 S/N A30401-UP
PC390LC-8M0 S/N 80699-UP
PC390LC-8M0 S/N DZAT0001-up
PC390LCI-11 A31001-UP BEPB113400 3.8.2018
PC390LL-10 A50601 & UP
PC400-7 S/N 50001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC400-7 S/N Y400001-UP
PC400-7 S/N Y400001-UP Ярославль
PC400-7(-50) S/N Y400001-UP
PC400-7(-50) S/N Y400001-UP Ярославль
PC400-7E0 S/N 60001-UP (ecot3)
PC400-7-M1 S/N 50001-UP
PC400-8 S/N 70001-70003
PC400-8 S/N 70001-UP
PC400-8R S/N 75001-UP
PC400LC-7 S/N 50001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC400LC-7 S/N Y400001-UP
PC400LC-7 S/N Y400001-UP Ярославль
PC400LC-7E0 S/N 60001-UP (ecot3)
PC400LC-7E0 S/N 60001-UP (ecot3, For EU)
PC400LC-7E0 S/N A87001-UP
PC400LC-7L S/N A86001-UP
PC400LC-7-M1 S/N 50001-UP
PC400LC-8 S/N 70001-70003
PC400LC-8 S/N 70001-UP
PC400LC-8 S/N A88001-UP
PC400LC-8R S/N 75001-UP
PC400LC-8R S/N 75001-UP (Super Long Front Spec.)
PC400LCSE-8R S/N J30001-UP
PC430-8 S/N DBBN0001-up
PC450-7 S/N 20001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC450-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC450-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC450-7K-E0 S/N K45001-UP
PC450-7-M1 S/N 20001-UP
PC450-8 S/N 70001-70003
PC450-8 S/N 70001-UP
PC450-8 S/N DZCZ2001-up
PC450-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC450-8R S/N 75001-UP
PC450LC-7 S/N 20001-UP (Overseas Version)
PC450LC-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC450LC-7E0 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3, For EU)
PC450LC-7K S/N K40001-UP
PC450LC-7K-E0 S/N K45001-UP
PC450LC-7-M1 S/N 20001-UP
PC450LC-8 S/N 70001-70003
PC450LC-8 S/N 70001-UP
PC450LC-8 S/N A10001-UP
PC450LC-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC450LC-8R S/N 75001-UP
PC450LCHD-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC460LC-8 S/N DZAR0001-up
PC490-10 S/N 80001-UP
PC490-10 S/N K60001-UP
PC490-11 S/N 85006-UP
PC490-11 S/N K70001-UP
PC490-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC490HRD-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC490LC-10 S/N 80001-UP
PC490LC-10 S/N A40001-UP
PC490LC-10 S/N K60001-UP
PC490LC-11 S/N 85001-UP
PC490LC-11 S/N 85001-UP (For KAL)
PC490LC-11 S/N A41001-UP
PC490LC-11 S/N K70001-UP
PC490LC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC490LCI-11 S/N 85113-UP
PC490LCi-11 S/N A45001-UP
PC500LC-10M0 S/N 95001-UP
PC500LC-10R S/N 100001-UP
PC500LC-8 S/N 71955-UP
PC500LC-8R S/N 75979-UP
PC550LC-8 S/N 70458-UP
PC600-8 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC600-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC600-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC600-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC600-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC600LC-8 S/N 30001-UP (ecot3)
PC600LC-8 S/N K50001-UP
PC600LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC600LC-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC600LC-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC650LC-11 S/N 80001-UP
PC650LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC650LC-8E0 S/N DZAK0001-up
PC700LC-11 S/N 80001-UP
PC700LC-11 S/N 80013-UP
PC700LC-11 S/N K70001-UP
PC700LC-11E0 S/N K75001-UP
PC700LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC700LC-8E0 S/N DZCA0001-up
PC700LC-8E0 S/N K50001-UP
PC700LC-8R S/N 70001-UP
PC78US-10 S/N 30001-UP
PC800-8 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
PC800-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC800-8E0 S/N K55001-UP
PC800-8K S/N K50001-UP
PC800-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC800-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC800LC-8 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
PC800LC-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC800LC-8E0 S/N K55001-UP
PC800LC-8K S/N K50001-UP
PC800LC-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC800LC-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC800SE-8 S/N 50001-UP (ecot3)
PC800SE-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC800SE-8E0 S/N 65236-UP (Cold Area Arrangement (-30 deg C))
PC800SE-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC800SE-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC850-8 S/N 10001-55000 (ecot3)
PC850-8 S/N 50001-UP
PC850-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC850-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC850-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC850SE-8 S/N 10001-55000 (ecot3, For SE)
PC850SE-8 S/N 50001-UP
PC850SE-8E0 S/N 65001-UP
PC850SE-8R S/N 60001-UP (W/O EGR)
PC850SE-8R1 S/N 70001-UP
PC1250-11 S/N 50001-UP
PC1250-11 S/N 50001-UP (For EU)
PC1250-11E0 S/N 50001-UP
PC1250LC-11 S/N 50001-UP

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AC Condenser 208-979-7520 For Komatsu Excavator PC300-8 PC450-8 PC600-8E0 PC800-8E0.
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