Common Rail Injector 2645A743 2645A749 for Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine

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Part # 2645A719,2645A735,2645A743,2645A749

Common Rail Injector 2645A743 2645A749 is fit for Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine.
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Common Rail Injector 2645A743 2645A749 for Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine

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Part Number:
2645A719,2645A735,2645A743,2645A749 2645A735 replaces 2645A719 since 09/08/2007.2645A749 replaces 2645A735 since 15/03/2008.2645A709 replaces 2645A705 since 22/02/2006.2645A731 replaces 2645A709 since 09/08/2007.2645A743 replaces 2645A731 since 15/03/2008.

Engine Type : PJCompany name : 1106D-E66TA
PJ38356 PJ38361 PJ38387 PJ38395 PJ38416 PJ38417 PJ38418 PJ38419 PJ38420 PJ38423 PJ38424 PJ38425 PJ38426 PJ38427 PJ38428 PJ38429 PJ38430 PJ38431 PJ38432 PJ38433 PJ38434 PJ38435 PJ38436 PJ38437 PJ38438 PJ38441 PJ38449 PJ38493 PJ38501 PJ38502 PJ38512 PJ38537 PJ38570 PJ38587 PJ38588 PJ38600 PJ38601 PJ38675 PJ38681 PJ38783 PJ38787 PJ38859 PJ38861 PJ38914 PJ70655 PJ70656 PJ70668 PJ70669 PJ70674 PJ70679 PJ70682 PJ70693 PJ70694 PJ70695 PJ70704 PJ70706 PJ70901 PJ70966 PJ71158 PJ71164 PJ71232 PJ75028 PJ75029 PJ75116 PJ75127 PJ75145 PJ75193 PJ75223 PJ75265 PJ75299 PJ75325 PJ75394 PJ75395 PJ75407 PJ75409 PJ75418 PJ81750 PJ81755 PJ81756 PJ81757 PJ81789 PJ81790 PJ81832 PJ81846 PJ81848 PJ81923 PJ81944 PJ81952 PJ81995 PJ82171 PJ82190 PJ82244 PJ82263 PJ82286 PJ82292 PJ82295 PJ82544
Engine Type : PK
PK38649 PK38650 PK38651 PK38652 PK38655 PK38660 PK38669 PK38670 PK51575 PK51576 PK51581 PK51582 PK51587 PK51588 PK81762 PK81763 PK81766 PK81767 PK81774 PK81775 PK81799 PK81800 PK81801

More Information
Part NO. 2645A719,2645A735,2645A743,2645A749
Engine 1106D-E66TA
Application Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine
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