Engine Water Pump 3286277 for Cummins 4BT 6BT in Case New Holland IH

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Case Backhoe 550  
Case Backhoe 590  
Case Backhoe 660  
Case Backhoe 450C  
Case Backhoe 455C  
Case Backhoe 480E  
Case Backhoe 480F  
Case Backhoe 550E  
Case Backhoe 550G  
Case Backhoe 570LXT  
Case Backhoe 570LXT Series II  
Case Backhoe 570MXT  
Case Backhoe 570MXT Series III  
Case Backhoe 580 Super L  
Case Backhoe 580 Super L Tier II  
Case Backhoe 580E  
Case Backhoe 580K  
Case Backhoe 580L  
Case Backhoe 580L Tier II  
Case Backhoe 580M  
Case Backhoe 580M Tier II  
Case Backhoe 580M Tier III  
Case Backhoe 580SM Tier II  
Case Backhoe 580SM Tier III  
Case Backhoe 580SN  
Case Backhoe 580SNWT  
Case Backhoe 590SL  
Case Backhoe 590SL Series II  
Case Backhoe 590SM  
Case Backhoe 590SM Series II  
Case Backhoe 590SM Tier III  
Case Backhoe 590SN  
Case Backhoe 680K  
Case Backhoe 680L  
Case Backhoe 780C  
Case Backhoe 780D  
Case Cotton Picker 1822  
Case Cotton Picker 1844  
Case Cotton Picker 2022  
Case Cotton Picker 2044  
Case Crawler & Dozer 650  
Case Crawler & Dozer 1150E  
Case Crawler & Dozer 1150G  
Case Crawler & Dozer 1155E  
Case Crawler & Dozer 650E  
Case Crawler & Dozer 650G  
Case Crawler & Dozer 850D  
Case Crawler & Dozer 850E  
Case Crawler & Dozer 850G  
Case Crawler & Dozer 855D  
Case Crawler & Dozer 855E  
Case Excavator 688  
Case Excavator 888  
Case Excavator 9010  
Case Excavator 9020  
Case Excavator 9030  
Case Excavator 1085B  
Case Excavator 880D  
Case Excavator 9010B  
Case Excavator 9020B  
Case Excavator 9030B  
Case Forklift 584E  
Case Forklift 585G  
Case Forklift 586E  
Case Forklift 588G  
Case Forklift 686G  
Case Roller Compactor W1102  
Case Roller Compactor W602BD  
Case Roller Compactor W602BDA  
Case Roller Compactor W602BPD  
Case Roller Compactor W752B  
Case Skid Steer Loader 1840  
Case Skid Steer Loader 1845C  
Case Skid Steer Loader 40XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 60XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 70XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 75XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 85XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 90XT  
Case Skid Steer Loader 95XT  
Case Sprayer SPX3150 Patriot  
Case Sprayer SPX3185 Patriot  
Case Sprayer SPX3200B Patriot  
Case Tractor 140  
Case Tractor 1620  
Case Tractor 1640  
Case Tractor 1644  
Case Tractor 1896  
Case Tractor 2096  
Case Tractor 2144  
Case Tractor 2166  
Case Tractor 2188  
Case Tractor 2344  
Case Tractor 5120  
Case Tractor 5130  
Case Tractor 5140  
Case Tractor 5150  
Case Tractor 5220  
Case Tractor 5230  
Case Tractor 5240  
Case Tractor 5250  
Case Tractor JX1090U  
Case Tractor JX1100U  
Case Tractor MX100  
Case Tractor MX110  
Case Tractor MX120  
Case Tractor MX135  
Case Tractor MX150  
Case Tractor MX170  
Case Tractor MXU100  
Case Tractor MXU110  
Case Tractor MXU115  
Case Tractor MXU125  
Case Tractor MXU130  
Case Tractor MXU135  
Case Trencher 760  
Case Trencher 860  
Case Wheel Loader 621  
Case Wheel Loader 621B  
Case Wheel Loader W11B  
Case Wheel Loader W14B  
Case Wheel Loader W14C  
Case Windrower 6000  
Case Windrower 8820  
Case Windrower 8830  
Case Windrower 8840  
Case Windrower 8850  
New Holland Backhoe B110  
New Holland Backhoe B115  
New Holland Backhoe B95  
New Holland Backhoe B95LR  
New Holland Backhoe B95TC  
New Holland Backhoe LB110B  
New Holland Backhoe LB90B  
New Holland Bale Wagon BW28  
New Holland Bale Wagon BW38  
New Holland Skid Steer Loader L185  
New Holland Skid Steer Loader L190  
New Holland Skid Steer Loader LS185B  
New Holland Skid Steer Loader LT185B  
New Holland Telehandler LM5040  
New Holland Telehandler LM5060  
New Holland Telehandler LM5080  
New Holland Tractor T4040  
New Holland Tractor T4050  
New Holland Tractor T5040  
New Holland Tractor T5050  
New Holland Tractor T5060  
New Holland Tractor T5070  
New Holland Tractor T6010  
New Holland Tractor T6020  
New Holland Tractor T6030  
New Holland Tractor T6040  
New Holland Tractor T6050  
New Holland Tractor T6070  
New Holland Tractor TD5050  
New Holland Tractor TL100A  
New Holland Tractor TL90A  
New Holland Tractor TN95A  
New Holland Tractor TN95DA  
New Holland Tractor TS100A  
New Holland Tractor TS110A  
New Holland Tractor TS115A  
New Holland Tractor TS125A  
New Holland Tractor TS130A  
New Holland Tractor TS135A  
New Holland Tractor TV6070  
New Holland Windrower HW305  
New Holland Windrower HW305S  
New Holland Windrower HW325  
Cummins     4B
Cummins     4B 3.9L
Cummins     4BT
Cummins     4BTA
Cummins     6B
Cummins     6B 5.9L
Cummins     6BT
Cummins     6BTA
Cummins     B3.9L
Cummins     B5.9L
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Superior engine water pumps to reliably power your Cummins 4BT and 6BT. Our 3286277 water pump is Case New Holland IH's top choice for ensuring your engine stays in top running condition.

No matter how tough your task is, the 3286277 Engine Water Pump is up to the task. It's designed to provide superior cooling performance and durability, ensuring that your equipment continues to run efficiently, whether you're on a farm or a construction site. Trust in excellence, trust in the 3286277.

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