New Alternator Replacement For Delco 10SI 1 Wire Install 63A W/V Belt Pulley Buick Cadillac Chevy GMC Oldsmobile Pontiac 1100125, ADR0325, 40012370

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SPECIFICATIONS: 63 Amp/12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley, 1-Wire System
NOTE 1: Trio self excited, cannot use I-S plug
NOTE 2: D17SE Regulator
FEATURE 1: 100% Top-rated
FEATURE 2: Self exciting, 1-wire hookup
FEATURE 3: Very low cut-in

Ventura V8 5.7L 76-77
Ventura V8 5.0L 73-77
Ventura V8 4.9L 77-77
Ventura V8 4.3L 75-76
Ventura V6 3.8L 77-77
Ventura L4 2.5L 77-77
Sunbird V8 5.0L 78-79
Sunbird V6 3.8L 76-79
Sunbird L4 2.5L 77-80
Sunbird L4 2.3L 76-77
Phoenix V8 5.7L 77-79
Phoenix V8 5.0L 77-79
Phoenix V6 3.8L 77-79
Phoenix L4 2.5L 77-84
Parisienne V8 5.7L 78-80
Parisienne V8 5.0L 77-82
Parisienne V8 4.4L 80-82
Parisienne V6 3.8L 80-82
LeMans V8 6.6L 77-77
LeMans V8 5.7L 77-79
LeMans V8 5.0L 76-81
LeMans V8 4.4L 79-81
LeMans V8 4.3L 76-76
LeMans V6 3.8L 77-81
LeMans V6 3.3L 78-79
Laurentian V8 5.7L 78-80
Laurentian V8 5.0L 77-81
Laurentian V8 4.4L 80-81
Laurentian V6 3.8L 80-81
Grand Safari V8 6.6L 77-78
Grand Safari V8 5.7L 77-77
Grand Prix V8 6.6L 77-77
Grand Prix V8 5.7L 81-82
Grand Prix V8 5.0L 78-80
Grand Prix V8 4.4L 81-82
Grand Prix V6 4.1L 82-82
Grand Prix V6 3.8L 78-83
Grand Am V8 5.0L 78-80
Grand Am V6 3.8L 79-79
Firebird V8 5.7L 78-79
Firebird V8 5.0L 78-83
Firebird V8 4.9L 80-81
Firebird V8 4.4L 81-81
Firebird V8 4.3L 80-81
Firebird V6 3.8L 77-81
Firebird L4 2.5L 82-83
Catalina V8 6.6L 77-79
Catalina V8 5.7L 78-80
Catalina V8 5.0L 80-81
Catalina V8 4.4L 80-81
Catalina V6 3.8L 77-81
Bonneville V8 6.6L 77-79
Bonneville V8 5.7L 77-80
Bonneville V6 4.1L 82-82
Bonneville V6 3.8L 80-83
Astre L4 2.5L 77-77
Astre L4 2.3L 75-77
6000 L4 2.5L 82-83

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