Oil Filter 49065-0724 for Kawasaki Engine FH381 FH430V FH480V FH500V FH541V FH580V

sku #
Part #49065-0724, 490650724, 49065-2081, 490652081

Oil Filter 49065-0724 for Kawasaki Engine FH381 FH430V FH480V FH500V FH541V FH580V for sale on our website.
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Oil Filter 49065-0724 for Kawasaki Engine FH381 FH430V FH480V FH500V FH541V FH580V

Replace Part Number:
Kawasaki:49065-0724, 490650724, 49065-2081, 490652081
Caterpillar: 2201523, 220-1523, CA2201523
Cub Cadet: 490-201-0001, 12-050-08, 4902010001, 1205008
Kohler: 12-050-01, 12-050-08, KH1205008
AC PF53, X170, ACDelco PF 53, X 170, X 4105 E, ALCO FILTER SP-994, AMC Filter TO-131, TO-133, TO-138, ARMAFILT O-76/84.2, ASAS SP 402 BK, SPC 111, SPC 114, ASHIKA 10-02-215, 10-02-279, BALDWIN B1405, BT223, BLUE PRINT ADT 32103, ADT 32108, ADT 32114, BMW 11 42 7 791 059, BOSCH 0 986 452 002, 0 986 452 044, 9 451 103 600, P2044, BRIGGS & STRATTON 491 056, 807 894, CHAMP LS 137, CLEAN FILTERS DO 339, DO 910, DO 911, COOPERS LSF 5209, Z 1015, Z 1319, COOPERSFIAAM FILTERS FT4809, FT5274, CROSLAND 2110, 2330, 439, DAIHATSU 15600-25010, 15600-87104, 15600-87307, 15601-87307, 15601-87705, 40111-834, JOHN DEERE AM101207, DELPHI FX0081, DENSO 115010-4960, 115010-5011, 115010-5021, DONALDSON P502016, P550335, ELOFIC EXL-151, FEBI BILSTEIN 27147, FIAT 59030255, 74434793, 74434794, 74446335, FIL FILTER ZP 502 B, ZP 507 D, ZP 557, FILMAR SO8139, FILTRON OP 618, FLEETGUARD LF3335, LF3874, FRAM PH3614, PH4985, GIF FILTER GL 294, GUD FILTERS Z 117, Z 118, Z 147, Z 217, Z 269, Z 384, HERTH+BUSS JAKOPARTS J1312004, J1312011, J1312015, HENGST FILTER H14W32, H90W30, HOFFER 7605074, 7605074/4, JAPANPARTS FO-211, FO-211S, FO-215, FO-215S, FO-218S, FO-279, FO-279S, FO-299, FO-299S, JFO-211, JFO-211S, JFO-215, JFO-215S, JFO-218S, JFO-279, JFO-279S, JFO-299

Engine Model:
Fit For Kawasaki Engine:
FH381V, FH430V, FH480V, FH500H, FH541V, FH580V, FH601V, FH641D, FH680D, FH721D, FH770D, FJ180V, FX751V, FX801V, FX850V, FX921V, FXT00V

Fit For Caterpillar Engine Genset:
C1.1DE9.5, C1.5, C1.5DE13.5, C2.2, C2.2 GEN S, C2.2DE18E3, XQ35

Fit For Caterpillar Engine Industrial:
3003, 3011C, 3013, 3013C, 3014, 3024, 3024C, C1.1, C1.5, C1.6, C1.7, C2.2, D20, D25, D30

Fit For Caterpillar Paving Compactor:
CB-14, CB-214D, CB-214E, CB-22, CB-224D, CB-224E, CB-225D, CB-225E, CB-22B, CB-24, CB-24B, CB-32, CB-32B, CB-334E, CB-334E, XW, CB-335E, CB -34, CB-34 XW, CB-34B, CB-34B XW, CB-36B, CB1.7, CB1.8, CB2.5, CB2.7, CB2.9, CB22B, CC-24, CC-24B, CC-34, CC-34B, CC2.6, CC2.7

Fit For Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader:
216B3, 216, 216B, 216B, SERIE, 226, 226B, 226B3, 226D, 226D3, 228, 232, 232B, 232D, 232D3, 239D, 239D3, 242, 242B, 247B, 247B3, 249D, 249D3, 257B

Fit For Caterpillar Excavator:
301.5, 301.6, 301.7CR, 301.8, 302.5, 302.7CR, 302CR, 303.5, 303.5CR, 303CR, 304CR, 304, 305 CR, 305.5 CR

Fit For Caterpillar Asphalt Pavers:
AP-255E, BB-621C

More Information
Part NO.49065-0724, 490650724, 49065-2081, 490652081
EngineFH381V FH430V FH480V FH500H FH541V FH580V FH601V FH641D FH680D FH721D FH770D FJ180V FX751V FX801V FX850V FX921V FXT00V
ApplicationCB-14 CB-214D CB-214E CB-22 CB-224D CB-224E CB-225D CB-225E CB-22B CB-24 CB-24B CB-32 CB-32B CB-334E CB-334E XW CB-335E CB-34 CB-34XW CB-34B CB-34BXW CB-36B CB1.7 CB1.8 CB2.5 CB2.7 CB2.9 CB22B CC-24 CC-24B CC-34 CC-34B
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