Oil Seal 07012-00145 for Komatsu BM020C-1 BR480RG-1-W1 BR550JG-1 PC100-6 PC120-6 PC130-6 PC300-7 PC350-7 PC360-7 PC400-1

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Oil Seal 07012-00145 for Komatsu BM020C-1 BR480RG-1-W1 BR550JG-1 PC100-6 PC120-6 PC130-6 PC300-7 PC350-7 PC360-7 PC400-1

Part Number:

BM020C-1 S / N 1001-UP
BR480RG-1 S / N 1001-UP (version outre-mer)
BR480RG-1-M1 S / N 1001-UP
BR550JG-1 S / N 1001-UP
CD110R-1 S / N 1061-UP
CD110R-1 S / N 1061-UP (pour l'Amérique du Nord)
CD110R-2 S / N 1501-UP
CD110R-2 S / N 1501-UP (pour l'Amérique du Nord)
D20A-7 S / N 75001-78603
D20A-7-MS / N 78604-UP
D20A-8 S / N 83001-UP
D20P-7A S / N 75001-78603
D20P-7A S / N 78604-UP (4D94E-1 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
D20P-7A-MS / N 78604-UP
D20P-8 S / N 83001-UP
D20S-7 S / N 61001-61131
D20S-7-MS / N 61132-UP
DWC020-1C-AS / N 60001-UP (D20A-6)
DWC020-1C-SS / N 60001-UP (D20S-6)
DWC20-1C-DS / N 60001-UP (D20P-6A)
F4EC-1 S / N 5001-UP
F5EC-1 S / N 5001-UP
F6EC-1 S / N 5001-UP
FD100-6 S / N 5001-UP
FD100-6-DM S / N 5001-UP
FD100-7 S / N 6001-UP
FD100-8 S / N 7001-UP
FD115-6 S / N 5001-UP
FD115-6-DM S / N 5001-UP
FD115-7 S / N 6001-UP
FD115-8 S / N 7001-UP
FD120-8 S / N 7001-UP
FD135-6 S / N 5001-UP
FD135-6-DM S / N 5001-UP
FD135-7 S / N 6001-UP
FD135-8 S / N 7001-UP
FD150E-6 S / N 5001-UP
FD150E-6-DM S / N 5001-UP
FD150E-7 S / N 6001-UP
FD150E-8 S / N 7001-UP
FD160E-6 S / N 5001-UP
FD160E-6-DM S / N 5001-UP
FD160E-7 S / N 6001-UP
FD160E-8 S / N 7001-UP
GD28AC-1 S / N 1002-UP
GD300A-1 S / N 2001-UP
GD521A-1 S / N 10001-UP (S6D105-1 Eng. Installé)
GD523A-1 S / N 30001-UP
GD611A-1 S / N 10001-UP
GD661A-1 S / N 10001-UP
GD663A-2 S / N 1001-UP
PC100-6 S / N 40001-UP
PC100-6E S / N 40001-UP
PC100-6S S / N 40001-UP
PC100-6Z S / N 40001-UP
PC100-6Z S / N 40001-UP (Excel Spec.)
PC100L-6 S / N 15001-UP
PC100N-6 S / N 1004-UP
PC110-8M0 S / N DJD10001-up
PC120-6 S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6E S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6E0 S / N 70001-UP (SAA4D102E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
PC120-6E0-T2 S / N 70001-UP
PC120-6H S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6J S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6S S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6Z S / N 45001-UP
PC120-6Z S / N 45001-UP (pour les spécifications CIS Excel)
PC120-6Z-A1 S / N 45001-UP
PC120LC-6 S / N 45001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC120LC-6E0 S / N 70001-UP (SAA4D102E-2 (Emission) Eng. Installed)
PC120SC-6 S / N 10001-UP
PC128US-1 S / N 1001-UP
PC128US-2 S / N 5001-9500
PC128US-2 S / N 5001-9500 (pour l'UE)
PC128US-2 S / N 5001-9500 (pour l'Amérique du Nord)
PC128US-2-AS / N 9501-UP
PC128US-2-AC S / N 9501-UP
PC128US-2-AT S / N 9501-UP
PC128USI-10 S / N 44527-UP
PC128UU-1 S / N 1001-UP
PC128UU-2 S / N 5001-UP
PC128UU-2 S / N 5001-UP (pour l'Amérique du Nord)
PC130-6 S / N 45001-UP
PC130-6E S / N 45001-UP
PC130-6E0-T2 S / N 60001-UP
PC130-6G S / N 45001-UP
PC130-6K S / N K30001-UP
PC130-7 S / N 70001-UP (pour l'Australie)
PC130-7K S / N 70001-UP
PC130-8 S / N 80001-UP
PC130-8 S / N B10001-UP
PC130-8 S / N C30001-UP
PC130-8M0 S / N DJE10001-up
PC130F-7 S / N J10001-UP
PC138US-10 S / N F40003 ET PLUS
PC138US-11 S / N 50001-UP
PC138US-11 S / N F50001 ET PLUS
PC138US-2 S / N 1001-UP
PC138US-2 S / N 4501-UP (version outre-mer)
PC138US-2-AS / N 4501-UP
PC138US-2-AC S / N 4501-UP
PC138US-2-AT S / N 4501-UP
PC138US-2E S / N 4501-UP (pour l'UE)
PC138US-8 S / N 20001-24509
PC138US-8 S / N 20001-24509 (pour l'UE)
PC138US-8 S / N 20001-UP
PC138US-8 S / N 24510-UP
PC138US-8 S / N 24510-UP (EU Spec.)
PC138USLC-10 S / N 40001-UP
PC138USLC-11 S / N 50001-UP
PC138USLC-2 S / N 1001-UP
PC138USLC-2 S / N 1501-UP (SAA4D95LE-3 (TIER 2) Eng. Installed)
PC138USLC-8 S / N 20001-24509 (pour l'Amérique du Nord)
PC138USLC-8 S / N 24510-UP (machine standard d'Amérique du Nord)
PC150LGP-6K S / N K35001-UP
PC158US-2 S / N 10001-UP
PC158US-2 S / N 10001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC158USLC-2 S / N 10001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC220LL-7L S / N A86001-UP
PC270LL-7L S / N A86001-UP
PC300-7 S / N 40001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC300-7-AA S / N 40001-UP
PC300HD-7L S / N A85001-UP
PC300LC-7 S / N 40001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC300LC-7-BA S / N 40001-UP
PC300LC-7L S / N A85001-UP
PC340LC-7K S / N K40001-UP
PC340NLC-7K S / N K40001-UP
PC350-7 S / N 20001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC350-7-AA S / N 20001-UP
PC350LC-7 S / N 20001-UP (version outre-mer)
PC350LC-7-BA S / N 20001-UP
PC360-7 S / N 37715-UP
PC380LC-7K S / N K40001-UP
PC400-1 S / N 10001-UP
PC400LC-1 S / N 10001-UP
PC88MR-10 S / N 7001-UP
PC88MR-10 S / N F10003 ET PLUS
PC88MR-8 S / N 5001-UP
PC88MR-8 S / N 5001-UP (EU Spec.)
PC88MR-8 S / N 5001-UP (Amérique du Nord Spec.)
PC88MR-8 S / N A90001-UP
PC88MR-8 S / N F80003 ET PLUS
PW128UU-1 S / N 1001-UP
PW130-6K S / N K30001-UP
PW130-7K S / N K40001-UP
PW130ES-6K S / N K30545-UP
PW140-7 S / N H55051-UP
PW148-10 S / N H52051-UP
PW148-11 S / N H55051-UP
PW148-8 S / N H50051-UP
PW98MR-10 S / N F00003 ET PLUS
PW98MR-8 S / N F80003 ET PLUS

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