VR6 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 365-2076 for Caterpillar CAT 3306B 3406C 3456 C15 C18 C6.6 C7.1 C9 Generator

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VR6 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 365-2076 for Caterpillar CAT SR500 SR4B 3306B 3406C 3456 C15 C18 C6.6 C7.1 C9 Generator


Part NO.:

Input:180-280 Vac,50/60 Hz,1 OR 3-phase
PMG EXCITED 63-105Vac 100/240Hz 3-phase
Sensing input: 180-280Vac,50/60Hz 1 or 3-phase
CT input:1 or 5Aac 50/60Hz
ACC input:+/- 3Vdc.Output:65Vdc@12Adc


SR500 SR4B
Engine - Generator Set:
C18, C15, C7.1DE200E 3456, C7.1, 3406C, C9, C6.6, C13, C9.3, 3306B, C15 I6 3412, C7.1DE150E C9 GEN SET C18 I6 3412C


3412 Generator Set DK600001-UP
3412 Generator Set XJ500001-UP
XQ570 Retail Power Module X5F00001-UP POWERED BY C18
C9.3 Marine Generator Set C9300001-UP
C7.1 D175, D150,D125 Generator Set WG200001-UP
C7.1 D135,D150,D175,D200 Generator Set WG300001-UP
C9 Generator Set NTX00001-UP
C15 I6 Generator Set T3300001-UP
XQ500 Power System GG500001-UP POWERED BY C15 Engine
C13 Generator Set RWT00001-UP
C15 Generator Set NSR00001-UP
C18 Generator Set AN200001-UP
3306 Generator Set 8NS00001-UP
3306B Generator Set B8D00001-UP
C-18 Generator Set G4C00001-UP
3456 Generator Set C1G00001-UP
3456 Generator Set C3G00001-UP
3406C Generator Set C5G00001-UP
3456 Generator Set C4G00001-UP
C18 Generator Set STD00001-UP
C18 Generator Set STM00001-UP
3456 Generator Set C2T00001-UP
3406C Generator Set C8G00001-UP
C9 Rental Generator Set X3R00001-UP
C9 Generator Set C9E00001-UP
C15 Standby Generator Set (60Hz) C5E00001-UP
C15 Generator Set (50Hz) C5L00001-UP
C15 Standby Generator Set C5H00001-UP
C18 Generator Set DKE00001-UP
C6.6 Generator Set N6D00001-UP
C18 Generator Set CYL00001-UP
C15 Generator Set CYY00001-UP
C15 Generator Set T4A00001-UP POWERED BY C15 Engine
3406C Generator Set C2Y00001-UP
C18 Generator Set M1Z00001-UP
C18 Generator Set N1D00001-UP
C18 Generator Set N1C00001-UP
C18 Generator Set M1Y00001-UP
C18 Generator Set M1P00001-UP
C7.1 XQ200 Generator Set MRP00001-UP
C15 Generator Set MBS00001-UP
C15 Generator Set CE500001-UP
C15 Generator Set L8B00001-UP
C15 Generator Set LXJ00001-UP
C18 Generator Set L8D00001-UP
C18 Generator Set LXK00001-UP
C9 Generator SET NBP00001-UP
C6.6 Generator Set LC600001-UP
C15 Lean I6 Generator Set NAP00001-UP
C18 Lean I6 Generator Set NAW00001-UP
C13 Generator Set CE300001-UP
C13 Generator Set DH400001-UP
C7.1 DE200E0/DE220E0/DE150E0 Generator Set GTP00001-UP
C7.1 DE200E0/DE220E0 Generator Set ECW00001-UP
C9 Generator Set NGP00001-UP
C9 Generator Set LX900001-UP
C9 Generator Set LN900001-UP
C18 Generator Set T4X00001-UP
XQ570 Power System ME500001-UP POWERED BY C18 Engine
C18 Generator Set T3400001-UP
C18 Generator Set EKW00001-UP POWERED BY C18 Engine
G3412 Generator Set E4W00001-UP
G3412 Generator Set E4Y00001-UP
DE200E0 Generator Set NMD00001-UP POWERED BY C7.1 Engine

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VR6 Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR 365-2076 for Caterpillar CAT 3306B 3406C 3456 C15 C18 C6.6 C7.1 C9 Generator for sale on our website.
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